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Worlds Bid Information

How is my team eligible to earn a bid? 

To qualify for a bid your program must bring 50% of your program/location. Fifty Percent (50%) can be broken down into one location or the program as a whole. Exhibition teams are not included in the 50% of what is needed, however Prep and Novice teams can be used to meet the 50% requirement.

Which 9 Panel event awards BIDS to THE Cheerleading Worlds?

Low Country Showdown- Charleston, SC (March 4-5, 2023)- View event details HERE


How many bids will be awarded?  

9 Panel Cheer will award two At Large bids to The 2023 Cheerleading Worlds. 

Which divisions are eligible to earn a bid?  

The bid-winning team must compete at the Cheerleading/Dance Worlds in the division in which the bid was awarded.

Senior Divisions- Level 6

  • Senior X Small

  • Senior Small

  • Senior Medium

  • Senior Large

  • Senior X Small Coed

  • Senior Small Coed

  • Senior Medium Coed

  • Senior Large Coed

  • Senior Open

  • Senior Open Small Coed

  • Senior Open Large Coed

International Divisions- Level 6

  • International Open NT (Non-Tumble)

  • International Open Coed NT (Non-Tumble)

  • International Open 6

  • International Open Small Coed 4

  • International Open Large Coed 16

  • International Global

  • International Global Coed

International Divisions- Level 7

  • International Open 7

  • International Open Small Coed 7

  • International Open Large Coed 7


How will bids be awarded? 

Cheerleading Bids will be awarded to the TOP SCORES overall.

*DISCLAIMER - Although the highest scores will place the teams for the bids, 9 Panel reserves the right to award the bids to the teams that we feel will represent us the best!

How do I register and declare my teams intention? 

Register your teams through our online registration platform. 

Complete the Bid Intention form HERE and email to If we do not have this form on file then we will assume that your team/teams are not intending on accepting any bids to the 2023 Cheerleading and Dance Worlds from 9 Panel.